Works with QuickBooks and many other applications!

QuickTimer was the FIRST available app with native IIF timer file export capability. NO monthly fees are required for QuickTimer.

QuickTimer is a highly customizable and robust time tracking and reporting application for your mobile device. Use it to track billable or non-billable time for internal projects and/or clients. Import the time into your desktop accounting application such as QuickBooks or other accounting or spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel and many more.

QuickTimer was designed with the theory that most consultants track their time as billable or non-billable based on the client, task or employee performing the work, along with a description of the work performed. Time is tracked by the minute, often with a rounding basis, such as rounding up to the next 15 minute increment.

You can periodically export the logged time in several formats including QuickBooks Timer IIF, comma delimited, tab delimited, HTML, or backup format.

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